Herb Garden Redux

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Today’s challenge was to get outside and restart my herb garden. I love fresh herbs and seeing greenery, so I hopped over to my local HEB and picked up some Thai Basil, Sweet Basil, English Thyme, Spicy Italian Oregano, a marigold and a few succulents to replace some indoor ones that had outgrown their pots. HEB actually had a surprisingly good selection of herbs, although I do wish they had Mint since I love making mint leaf tea. The starter herbs were fairly well established, which should help me not kill them quite as quickly this time. Brisket tends to bite any spiky cacti, so I’ve switched almost entirely to succulents for the time being.

I already had potting soil from last year’s attempt at growing herbs, so it was easy to plant them all and put them on my herb shelf. The marigold adds a nice pop of color to an otherwise green (yet textured) garden. I’m looking forward to sampling these herbs soon and incorporating them into my cooking!