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Life Updates

SharpHeels Article
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After appearing on a panel at SXSW 2016, I had the opportunity to write an article for, a site devoted to cultivating professional advice written for women, by women, and empowering women in everything they do. I was honored … Read More

Embracing Austin
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2016 is off to a very exciting start! Austin is an exciting city full of tacos, barbecue, music, and great people. I’ve got some exciting professional updates to share! New Full-Time Job After contracting with them for 5 months, I have accepted … Read More

Industrial Design Sketching
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Since I’m now working as a product design engineer, I figured it would be wise to really work on my ability to do concept sketches. I took another Skillshare class, this one taught by Julia Troy from Quirky, and sketched … Read More

Sketching Scrappy: Illustrating Your Pet in Photoshop
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Have you ever wondered how people make cute illustrations of animals? Well, thanks to another Skillshare class, I know how! Anne Bollman’s class, Illustration in Photoshop: Professional Work From Your Sketches teaches you how to sketch your pet and turn … Read More

An Exercise in Adobe InDesign
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Recently, my interest in user experience design has expanded to graphic design and layouts. I’m always trying to build up new skills! However, I don’t know how to use Adobe InDesign or Illustrator, let alone design a responsive webpage from scratch. I … Read More

First Month in Product Design
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I’ve officially completed my first month working as a product designer. This is an incredible milestone for me, and I’m so happy to have had the opportunity to pursue my dreams right out of college. Creative Edge Products has helped … Read More