A Change of Pace

A Change of Pace

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After almost six years at Produktworks Design, I’ve decided to take a break to travel, visit family, and take some time for myself. I’ll miss my coworkers, the projects, and the problem-solving challenges, but really needed a mental break. The pandemic also helped me realize how important it is to spend time with those we love while they are still here, and I’m taking advantage of my health and that of my family to make some memories.

I had grown from a mechanical engineer to project lead, then finally studio lead and co-owner in addition to staying a full-time mechanical engineer. I guided products through from conceptualization all the way through to mass production, and it was an incredibly rewarding and informative experience. At some point I’ll want to get back out there, and am especially interested in solving wicked problems related to climate change, conscious consumerism and waste reduction, and the fight for equality. I know that I have the skills to develop a product and make important changes in the world.

My most recent post on Unplan-It Earth has a much more in-depth summary of what I’ve been up to the past year, and where I’m headed next. Take care of yourselves, get vaccinated, mask up, and spend time with those who matter to you.

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