Creo Shoe Project (Part 1)

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After a recent visit to design firms in Austin, Texas, the most prominent piece of advice was to get as much exposure to CAD as physically possible. I do have experience in CAD, but I realized that I have really only worked with geometric shapes and have never designed anything organic. With this advice in hand, I obtained student versions of Creo and SolidWorks and got to work.

I started with a Creo model of a shoe, based on the following tutorial from If anyone is interested, I highly recommend this tutorial. The videos are clear and show you everything you need to know. The tutorial consists of taking a pre-made shoe model and using it as a basis for your own freestyle model of a shoe. As of today, I have a basic freestyle surface that represents a shoe, and I’m rather proud of it. I will keep you updated with future progress and look forward to sharing more of my work!

Keep thinking!