This product is especially exciting for me, as it’s my first completed project as a product designer. The Profound Glass Works Opal Case is a custom project for Profound Glass Works, a company based in Austin, Texas that sells artisanal glass products to glassblowers. They needed a customizable carrying case that would protect their products in shipment but would also be a useful way for their clients to store and show off their products. I designed a case with a sliding latch to keep it closed, and the inside holds three arrange-able inserts for the company’s three main types of product: glass stored in vials, coin holders, and plastic bags. The inserts can be arranged however the client likes and are easily removed to access the product inside. I’m especially proud of the Profound Glass Works logo embossed on the front of the case. The best part is, the client loved it!

I made a 3D model in SolidWorks, sent design approvals to the client, and 3D printed inserts in-house for the final prototype, ensuring that the tolerances were perfect. The outer case shell was SLS printed by Shapeways. This was a very fun project, as it involved solving a problem for someone but gave me the flexibility to solve that problem using my design and engineering skills.